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Here’s a photo of us supporting Leslie Dowdall & the String Factory in Cleeres Theatre a few weeks ago.


Leslie Dowdall & The String Factory Support

We have our first live show in a while  … actually it’s been a year ago roughly since we did a gig in ‘Life church Carlow’ for the St Patricks day celebration there.

On Saturday night (22nd Mar ) we have the honor of supporting Leslie Dowdall & The String Factory. Leslie is best known as the vocalist from eighties band ‘In Tua Nua’.

The show is in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny … Details Here

Here’s one of our fav Leslie Dowdall songs

Breaking Glass

We were doing some recording earlier tonight and as we walked into the studio one of the ceiling light bulbs literally exploded like a rocket across the room and smashed into our stack of backup CD’s. Tiny shards of glass went everywhere and it took about an hour to clean it all up.
We still got lots of work done with the recording but it will be a while before we have anything to release. We still haven’t decided whether we’ll release the songs individually or wait and put them out all together.

Back on the Journey

So it seems that two years have passed since our last post here.

… 😯 Wow, where does the time go?

Well without getting into the long and reasonably boring story of what’s happened in the meantime, we will instead bring fresh news. We are at present making preparations to get back into work in the studio to do our second album.

Now, the observant out there may notice that this is our THIRD attempt at a second album, which is not good … but the good news is that we have a plethora of material to work with, from tracks which were partially finished for the previous two albums to the new material we’ve written over the last two years as well as some stuff we’re working on at the moment … so all good then !

As of yet we haven’t decided whether or not to use our old model of pre-releasing singles or not, or whether these singles will be remixed and put on the album, so we’ll have to see how it pans out.

It may take some time to get this one out as we now have two kids now, and bob also runs his own business, but we feel compelled … and we’re looking forward to it.

meanwhile here’s some of the good stuff that we’ve been listening to recently … happy listening:

“Shepherd King”- single released

After having spent until the wee hours of last night adding the finishing touches to our new single “Shepherd King” we’ve finally pushed it out of the studio nest into the world for the first time! We’re really glad to get this one out there as it seemed to take a lot of time and effort and we wondered at times would we ever get there but we think the effort has paid off and we’re really  happy with the final sound,  we hope you are too! It’s free for download until June on our music page so go get it! 😉