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Jackie Hayden Review – Hot Press

Jan and Bob Murphy use an Indie rock foundation on which to erect tracks offering hints of jazz, gospel, folk and pop, plus Jan’s bewitching voice, to create something at times mesmerising. ‘El Shaddai’ owes a little to the Cocteau Twins, but is no less worthy for that. It has nice guitars too.

Jackie Hayden

Hot Press


… Imagine a male voice that for all the world sounds like Chris Rea, female vocals that .. are like Dido, excellent musicianship, well-crafted songs with catchy melodic hooks, with definite influences of U2 in there too. Put all that together and what have you got ?? .. One Week of Days ……. definitely worthy of mass attention !!!

Ann Trainor


“Who You Really Are” review from The Phantom Toolbooth

At first, the album sounded all of a piece, with the exception of the track “El Shaddai,” where Jan Murphy’s lovely mezzo-soprano really soars, bringing the song to new heights.  However, this album comes more and more alive with each successive listening…………They land in a space quite comfortably not praise and worship, not rock, not quite pop, not really contemporary, yet a blend of all of these which is their own.

Alex Klages

The Phantom Toolbooth

“Who You Really Are” review from

An offshoot of the late, lamented Kilkenny band Kaydee, One Week Of Days is a Christian pop project which brings together the talents of husband and wife team Bob and Jan Murphy. Their debut album is a polished, self-confident affair which sees them dabble in everything from uptempo pop to laid-back soft rock, backed up by skilful use of sequenced drum loops and Hammond organ.

Sarah Glennane

CD Baby Review

This has to be one of the most innovative albums I have come across in recent times. A mix of rock, jazz & pop coupled with amazing variations of vocal styles this album has it all. ‘El Shaddai’ has to be one of my favourites especially when I need to chill out and lose myself in some music.

Daragh Kennedy

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