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Follow The Journey

What is “Follow the Journey” ? …… At the moment we are in the process of recording our next album “My Servant, The King”. We are writing a web journal of our progress, along with various other things that are happening like the music we are listening to or occasional youtube clips that we find amusing etc. We are calling this “Follow the Journey” and you can “Follow The Journey” in a variety of ways, eg:

  • Clicking ‘Like’ on our Facebook Page.
  • Following us on Twitter.
  • Subscribing to the ‘Follow the Journey’ RSS feed Here.
  • You can subscribe by Text (SMS) by following the SMS instructions near the top of our Twitter page (You must be signed out of Twitter to see these instructions)

You can also just read the feed below or find it in various other places including our LastFM and MySpace pages. Please feel free to comment or interact in any of these places; we’d love to hear from you.

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